In the Hippodrome

Psellos, professor and historian of the 11th century, complains because his students – including his son – frequented the mimes and dancers more frequent than in school.

Bomponaria, dances at a rate of bells tied to the feet and hands of the dancers. In Venice, city byzantine reunited these dances called momanaria.

After the baptism attendees form a circle dance around the font, singing hymns.

Gothic Festival. At the end of the fourth century shows the dance these celebrations after the victory over the Goths, in memory of. Made on February 5, between Christmas and Epiphany. Culmination of the festival is a dance of 4 people, 2 Blues and 2 Greens, who wear gothic costumes, helmets, holding swords and shields. This dance came to the palace on the occasion of meals in the “room of 16 beds.” This was near the Hippodrome, “It was very luxurious. There, a leading dance and his aides chorografousan an” army “dancers. For music had lutes. It was a circular dance three dances around the imperial bed (bed, where they eat, daybed ) mounted on a pedestal. At the same time singing songs to the King, “winner of atheists, enemies, life, light and guard the people.”

The “Dinner of the ten virgins” of the method resulted in a dance executed by the new Istanbul.