The court

Historian Nikitas describes horror Andronicus the first (1183-1185), the last emperor of the dynasty of Komninos, and fun amid prostitutes with dances and songs.

The iconoclasts emperors in the 7th century restore the mimes and dancers, who ridicule the iconolatric monks.

Dances dwarfs, mad and jesters of the court, the emperor (Denderis to Theophilus, Voila Roman Gladiator with Constantine).

Book by Constantine Porphyrogenitus “Exposition of the Ceremonies,” which describes dance ceremonies.

Theophylact Lekapenos was the first who put the dance in the Holy Wisdom, through dance dramas, notably the solemn saints. The dog reacted negatively.

Alexios third in 1204 organized a trip on the royal yacht, where he attended the court of shows, concerts, dances, to the palace of Blachernae.

The Crusaders in 1204 left Byzantium to the carnival with dances. This describes Luitprand, bishop of Cremona, ambassador to Constantinople, who saw the carnival and describes the 968.